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Four Weeks Out -- Curtis Blogs for FloTrack

In the lead up to the NYC marathon, Bobby Curtis is blogging for the folks at His "4 Weeks Out" entry is reproduced below. Click HERE to go to the original FloTrack feature.

4 Weeks Out

The ING New York City Marathon is quickly approaching. I’m in Mammoth Lakes, California putting the finishing touches, on, what so far, has been a great marathon training cycle. This was my first week in Mammoth, and I wasted no time getting in some big miles. For the week, I hit a career high of 129 miles. My body is holding up very well, no aches, pains or general fatigue. Mentally, I’m also feeling fresh. I haven’t been overwhelmed with the training and I’m keeping an optimistic outlook on what’s to come. So far so good…

Below is a detailed summary of my week of running. I’ve included two pictures from the week as well.


Monday: 9 miles AM, 6 miles PM. Very easy day, 7:00 mile pace, maybe slower.

Tuesday: 7500 ft. 8 mile progression run starting at around 6:30 mile pace and ending up near 5:15 per mile. 7 minutes rest. 6x1000 meters w/ 600 meters rest jogged at around 6:00-6:15 mile pace. Plus warm up & down. Splits were: 2:53, 2:51, 2:52, 2:53, 2:51, and 2:52. 6 miles slow PM. HR on only during 1ks:

Wednesday: 7000ft. 16 miles in AM. Pretty slow, maybe averaged 6:40. Snowy mix with wind. 1 mile stretch & stride PM

Thursday: 7000 ft. 9 miles in the AM, 6 miles in the PM. Slow runs, 6:40-7:00 mile pace.

Friday: 7000ft. 15-mile tempo. A continuous effort of 4 X 1.5 miles @ 5:00 pace, 1.5 miles @ 5:30 pace and 1 mile @ 6:00 pace, no 6:00 mile at the end to make it 15 miles. Plus warm up & down. HR was all over the place, mostly a reflection of the hills and wind not the pace variation. 6 miles slow in the PM.

Saturday: 7000ft. 8 miles in AM, 6 miles in PM. Slow pace 6:40 to 7:10 miles.

Sunday: 7500 ft. 23.5 miles in the AM. Started slowly, first hour roughly 6:30 miles, then some near 6:00 miles for next hour, ran the last 5 miles at roughly 5:50 pace.

This photo was of a sign I made in the Reno Airport when none of the car rental companies would rent me a car one-way to Mammoth. Didn’t work, should’ve shaved and pressed my shirt.

This photo was after it snowed about 6 inches on October 6th! Beautiful, but cold…

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